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Make Your Home Safe And Slip Free With ATTAR

Make Your Home Safe And Slip Free With ATTAR

Makingyour home stylish can sometimes be hazardous because of some materials. But with ATTAR you can make your home both stylish and safe.

ATTAR specializes in all types of flooring complaints on small or large residential and commercial projects like broadloom, woven and modular carpets, resilient flooring, floor coatings, moisture testing and preparation of subfloors, ceramic tiles and other various tiles and pavers.

ATTAR specializes in the following services:

  • Preparing floor slip testing and tender documents
  • Reviewing the risk management on a project
  • Project and compliance management including NATA accredited testing to Australian, ASTM and European Standards
  • ICRI Certified moisture testing technicians and subfloor remediation services
  • Forensic determination of product faults or onsite product failures for all textile, resilient, subfloor preparation, moisture related failures and floor coating installation
  • Investigation and evaluation of onsite conditions prior to and during the installation of floor coverings, to ensure floor coverings and other materials are being installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and Australian Standards
  • Remediation of problems, replacement and organising repair services where applicable

floor slip testing

Why Choose ATTAR?

  • Independent advice
  • Decades of experience
  • Rapid response and turnaround
  • Skilled and highly qualified technical personnel
  • Some of the ATTAR service:

Flooring Consulting and Testing Services

ATTAR can work with you to navigate compliance issues whether you are in manufacturing, supplying or purchasing a product, or if you are building or managing a facility.

ATTAR has been involved in compliance assessment for over 30 years and our knowledge in this area is widely respected. To support our compliance services, ATTAR maintains a testing laboratory which is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to ISO 17025.

In almost any type of business, ATTAR can partner with you to identify and reduce liabilities which can arise from a failure to properly follow applicable Standards, Codes, Legislation and Guidelines.