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Wear Pink

Best Tips to Wear Pink Fashionably

Many people like pink, but sometimes it can be challenging to make it fit into your entire ensemble. It’s a good thing that pink has become trendy lately. It shows up in clothes, accessories, and even makeup. Hence if you like pink, you can get yourself a pink dress.


Here are some tips that will make sure you don’t overdo your look when you wear pink.

Wear it with neutral colors.

Pink looks incredible, but it can be hard to pair up with other colors. You can pick a pink fashion statement item like a shirt, jacket, or a pair of pants. This will complement well with any neutral color such as black, white, or brown. This will give you a refined and elegant appeal.

Pair it up with any contrasting color.

When you are going out for the night with some friends, you can match pink with any of its contrasting colors. Examples of such colors are yellow, orange, and silver. All these contrast with pink, but they don’t clash with it.

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Don’t overdo it.

When you wear pink, always bear in mind that less is more. When you have a pink top, always remember not to wear jeans, skirt, or shorts in the same color. If you want your entire outfit to be pink but you don’t want to wear a pink dress, you can wear clothes in varying shades of pink to make the whole thing more interesting and appealing. An example of this is a dark pink shirt that is matched with a magenta-hued skirt.

Always choose the pink shade that flatters your skin tone.

When you have olive or a darker skin, brighter pinks will look good on you. For those with fair complexion, pale pink will complement it. If your skin is somewhere in the middle, you can go with just any shade. But always go for a shade that’s not too light or too bold.

Get a cool pair of pink shoes.

When your outfit is neutral but on the edgy side, you can mix things up a bit by getting a pair of pink shoes. The shoes can be in any shade that will mix well with the rest of your outfit. They may also come in any style you prefer to have. Pink high heels for a night event while for a casual daytime look, you can go for pink flats. These flats can be in any tone and would go well with any outfit you have or any style you prefer.

You may try wearing a pink scarf or hat.

It may be easier to pull off a pink scarf than a pink hat; but if you found one that you love best, then go for it. Just make it a golden rule not to overdo it.