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flammable and corrosive substances

Why should flammable and corrosive substances be kept safe?

Not everything can be stored in anything. Those who are well acquainted with the chemistry of chemicals know that it can lead to a disaster. Imagine you try to store extremely concentrated acid in a normal container, you would be so sorry to find that the container would burn to ashes and so would the part of your body that is by any slightest possible manner in contact with the acid. It is for this reason that specially designed flammable and corrosive storage units are made that are capable of handling such reactive substances in a safe and secure environment.

What do the policy regulations in Singapore say about this? 

Singapore has made progress in leaps and bounds in recent times which has made the economy highly formalized and strictly regulated. Due to this, it requires the industries to maintain top-notch safety and security within their premises so that any accident is prevented long before it has any chance to happen. The occupational safety rules of Singapore lists down certain necessary tools and equipment that are a must if industries are to operate legally in Singapore. There are separate provisions for workers’ safety and that includes the use of protective gear by the workers and for the workers.

flammable and corrosive storage

What is a stable workplace environment and why is it important? 

Since industries come under the category of hazardous zones because of the large-scale use of chemicals, it is advised that these chemicals should be safely stored in containers that do not lead to any fire accident due to the reaction of the substance with the oxygen present in the atmosphere. A stable workplace environment ensures that these measures are taken to the best of their effects so that any mishap is stopped at its very onset.

What can SafetySam do for your safety and well-being? 

SafetySam’s products are of the top quality and they go through multiple quality assurance checks to make your safety a priority. Their principle is not to manufacture products of scale but to manufacture products of quality. The safety containers for instance at SafetySam are of top quality, durable, reliable, and easy to carry and transport.

You can place a bulk order or an individual one with them and they will be very happy to customize the solutions for you. Not to forget, you can buy from global brands like Justrite with SafetySam which can give your safety a brand new, robust, and resistant makeover.