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SEO for Beginners and SEO ranking Tips

Search engine optimization is a process of marketing strategy to increase quality and quantity of web traffic to promote any brand value among users. SEO is very difficult to build, where highly specialized and broader approaches are used to give better results to the user.

Tips to improve SEO Rankings:

 If any website has to get good SEO ranking it has to maintain some standards. Some of the factors that affect SEO ranking are Reliability, Updated and Error free content, User friendly, quick response, information relevance, Page layout formatting, Page Navigation, Simple language terminology, Contact information and Mobile friendly.


The website has to give a high quality of information that will be trusted by many users. Maintain reliability can bound users to a website.

SEO Ranking

Updated and Error free Information:

Web site has to be updated with the fresh and unique content that separates one’s website from others. Avoid placing broken links.

User friendly:

Do not build a website only with text. The user may get bored with text and do not understand properly. By placing Images and Videos user will be able to understand the information in practical way. Maintain content in a structural way.

Accessibility, Quick response and results:

User has to get the results from SEO in a fraction of seconds. The page load time must be less. The most relevant results have to display for the search keywords. And the user can easily access the required information.

Valuable and relevant Information:

The information must be useful and relevant to users search.SEO must give user satisfactory results.

Page layout formatting:

The website design should be simple. Using borders , tables, paragraphs, font size and color also improve SEO rankings.

Page Navigation:

Do not place whole content in one page. Place links to other pages which gives additional information.

Simple language terminology:

Use simple words and precise information about any product.

Contact information:

For improved customer service and for business expansion place contact information page link in website will be an added advantage.

Mobile Friendly:

Smart phone users are increasing day by day. To gain a better ranking build a website that would be mobile friendly.

Along with the above placing keywords in the website will ease the work of SEO. More number of viewers to a website repeatedly and the more time that they spend on a website will increase the SEO ranking.