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Low carb diet plans cause temporary fat loss and weight loss

The failing of diet plans is due to the fact that the low carb diets do not necessarily target fat loss but muscle loss. And when you discontinue or give up on the diet you will end up gaining more weight and fat. A cellulite is something that is deposited in between the layer of the skin and the muscle giving it an inflated look and hardened feel. And thus, the fat can be burned over a period of time and efforts, these cellulites are the stubborn presences that would not be moved with any external interventions or products.

How to reduce your Belly really fast?

Research shows that about 44% of Americans suffer from a central obesity, a term often used to describe what is colloquially referred to as a fat belly. In clinical terms, this group refers to people whose waistline measures more than 35 inches in the case of women and 40 inches in men. This belly fat, referred to as visceral fat by scientists, is found to be the most dangerous kind of fat, which wraps around organs deep within the abdomen.

Low Carb Diet Plans

  1. Go Nuts

Walnuts have a great belly reducing effect on the body. Almonds contain polyunsaturated fats, which activate fat metabolism genes as well as insulin metabolism in the body. Similarly, having almonds has been found by researchers to be beneficial in preventing mid meal cravings and suppressing hunger.

  1. Indulge in Chocolate

For those who love chocolates, this is a dream come true. Dark chocolate with up to 70% of cacao, when eaten in moderation, has a positive effect in reducing overall body weight and decreasing the waist size. Researchers say that flavonoids found in cocoa are heart healthy compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Carbs and your body’s metabolism

Your body’s metabolism is believed to burn fat and there are many who preach wrongly that avoiding carbs is sticking on to low carbs diet will increase your body’s metabolism and in turn burn fat. But did you know that by purposely going low on carbs you are actually affecting your metabolism where you bring about catastrophic changes in the hormones responsible for metabolism. Yes, a low carb diet will mess with your hormones causing your normal metabolism to slow down or even stop your body from burning fat. And this all happens within the first week of you starting your low carb diet.