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Buying Or Hiring A Container: Which One Is A Good Choice?

Buying Or Hiring A Container: Which One Is A Good Choice?

A shipping service business is a big enterprise. Whether you are delivering small or large loads of products, the service is still in demand in the market. However, what makes this type of business a serious matter when it comes to the quality of the service? Consider loads of the delivery and decide on a good quality container that handles the service well.

SCF containers are one of the top-quality leading container service providers for hiring or buying containers.

What are these types of containers?

SCF containers are storage and shipping containers tailoring shipping solutions at a diverse range of tank, intermodal, and on-site containers. The SCG group is the longest-established container supplier in Australia and is soaring for 30-year of success in the business due to the personalized solutions to meet every client’s needs.

A wide range of storage and shipping containers available for hire or buying, any of these types are available.

Shipping containers

A wide range of shipping containers is available, such as:

  • 8ft shipping container
  • 10ft shipping container
  • 20ft shipping container
  • 20ft high cube container
  • 20ft side opening shipping container
  • 40ft shipping container
  • 40ft high cube shipping container

These are the available shipping container solutions to choose from. If your shipping service business is out of the container and has loads of products to ship, you could have these containers or storages hired or purchased.

SCF containers

Tank containers

Aside from shipping containers, SCF has a range of tank containers, including:

  • iso tank containers
  • liquid storage containers
  • frac tanks

These tank containers are useful for different applications in a wide range of industries. Here are the different types of tank containers available:

  • ISO pneumatic
  • ISO side discharge
  • ISO liquid
  • ISO food-grade CIP
  • 25ft bulk liquid storage
  • 45ft bulk liquid storage
  • 45ft flow back
  • 48ft wheeled bulk storage
  • Vertical bulk liquid tank and more

These are only a few SCF container tanks available for your needs.

Refrigerated containers

Refrigerated products need to be shipped carefully and safely to avoid damage. For example, raw products, such as meat, veggies, fruits, and some other instant foods that need adequate temperature, to keep their condition upon arrival need the right refrigerated containers, such as:

  • 20ft cool room container
  • 41 ft refrigerated container
  • 46 ft refrigerated container
  • 48 ft refrigerated container
  • Insulated shipping container

These are the available refrigerated containers to choose from. Refrigerated products must be stored and shipped in a secured container with temperature-controlled storage to keep the products in good condition. Expectedly, many raw products today are exported, as a part of the country’s national income. Thus, you need to hire or buy the right refrigerated container to keep the products safely secured when arrived.

SCF Group remains a leading company in terms of quality and durable containers for personalized shipping solutions.