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Cheap Apartments For Rent In Melbourne For Students: A Beginner’s Guide

What Are Your Needs?

If you already live in Melbourne, the first step in finding a cheap apartments for rent in melbourne for students is to look for a real estate agency. When looking for a rental, a real estate agent acts as a go-between for you and the property owner. They will inform you of available properties that meet your needs and budget, and they will act as your point of contact when entering into the rental contract.

The Paperwork

A non-Melbourne’s person must usually provide two forms of official identification when applying for an apartment and signing a lease contract in Melbourne:

  • A Travel Document
  • Either a passport or a residence card is required.
  • You must provide color copies of your passport’s photo page and visa page, as well as the front and back sides of your resident card

cheap apartments for rent in melbourne for students

You will also be required to provide any documents that prove your activities in Melbourne, such as:

  • Eligibility certificate
  • Letter of employment (with salary data)
  • Pay stubs from previous months (usually three months)
  • A copy of your most recent bank statement = (or, if you’re unemployed, a copy of your bank book.)
  • Paystub/Tax withholding sli

The Initial Payments

Here are the expenses you’ll have to bear for your initial payment:

  • Non-refundable appreciation money- This is a Melbourne’s custom that requires paying the landlord a “payment of gratitude,” which is usually equal to 1–2 months’ rent.
  • Refundable security deposit – This one-time fee is paid to the owner of the property as a kind of security deposit and is often equal to one to two months’ rent. Unlike recognition money, this deposit is returned once you move out of the apartment. However, if any damages are discovered when you move out, the repairing cost will be subtracted from the deposit, and only the remainder will be returned.
  • Brokerage fee – This fee is a commission paid to the real estate firm that acted as a middleman in the contract agreement. According to Melbourne’s law, this fee cannot exceed one month’s rent. In some cases, half a month’s rent is charged, while in others, no rent is charged at all. However, when searching for and renting an apartment, many of them do not charge a brokerage fee.
  • Non-refundable fire insurance – This property insurance money is charged to cover unexpected events such as a fire. In most cases, it is between 10,000 and 20,000 yen. The purchase of this insurance is required for the majority of properties.
  • Rent for the first month- This figure is typically calculated by averaging the number of days left within a month you move in plus the rent for the following month.
  • Fee for guarantor company usage – As previously stated, if you do not have a cosigner in apartments for rent in melbourne for students, you must use a guarantor company and pay a fee for its services.